February 1-5, 2016 Weekly Newsletter

Class Act Family,

We are so thankful for each and everyone of our families! We trust you have a great start to February!

Here are this week’s announcements:

  • Please remember to keep the church and your space tidy. This last Friday there were trash/personal items left in various spots. We always want to leave the church better than we found it!
  • Theatre Parents, our motto is Team Work makes the Dream Work. Families are expected to volunteer over the semester. Please sign up with Adina Grimm if your child is in “Guys and Dolls” or Sheila Seal & Chana Holzkamper if your child is in “Pinocchio.” Thank you for your help; You are what makes Class Act successful!
  • When the weather is beautiful kids want to go outside and play. We ask that students do not play unattended anywhere near the parking lot. There is land to the side of the building that we did get permission to play on, however parents will have to accompany their child.
  • “Touch of Class”: We are placing the shoe/tights order soon. Please be sure to come in and see Mrs. Chana Holzkamper to order and pay for your child’s shoes. These shoes/tights can be worn for the next program as well!
  • DVD’s of “Beauty & the Beast” & “Aristocats” will be available on Friday!! See Lesa Baker. (We did order extras)

Class Act HPA

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